About Us

Samin Plastic industries in 2006, after 30 years experience in manufacture of molds and plastic parts, has been registered to the number 6180 in State organization for registration of deeds & properties, Company registration general office by the founder of this Company.
This Company started his career in majority of producing types of plastic containers over the last few years quickly expanded its scope of activity and right now is one of the few packaging container manufacturers in Iran that holds License of the Ministry of Health.
Samin Plastic producing various kinds of caps and food, pharmaceutical and sanitary bottles with raw materials of PET, PE & PP.
It should be mentioned that this company equipped with advanced laboratories that tests compost resistance and microbial culture on their products.
Samin Plastic industries after a decade of effort, also tries to produce reliable and quality goods with the assistance of the experienced managers during these years. The Samin Plastic`s policy has always been based on quantitative and qualitative growth as well as new products.
The production and supply of a complete basket of products required by the manufacturing sectors, meeting the diverse needs of consumers in terms of economics and quality combined with innovation and trying to provide the best, has always been the perspective drawn from the management of this company.
The company is established on an area of 7000 square meters and has 3000 square meters of niches. The legal place of the company is located in Zanjan, Aliabad Industrial Town, Mordad Street, next to Telecom building.
Manufacturer of various types of polyethylene bottles for food industry, packaging, etc. with the highest quality and most up-to-date production methods in the world.
Various types of polyethylene preforms in different industries, made from the best materials available on the market
Types of plastic caps with wide usage in various types of plastic and non-plastic materials in different designs and forms tailored to different tastes.